Howdy! I’m a UX & interaction designer in Oakland, CA. I use iterative design & testing to create intuitive web experiences. I love color, cacti & bunnies. Let’s be friends !


HealthAware // healthcare billing tool

HealthAware aids in the process of tracking and reviewing medical bills to ensure that users are being charged fair rates for the services rendered.

what I do

Human-Centered Design

I'm a user experience and interaction designer using human-centered design thinking to make information useful and accessible. My goal is to continually identify and solve core user problems in order to make informed design decisions. I am motivated by a curiosity for evidence-based decision-making and creative problem-solving; a pairing which allows me to create a beautiful, clean final product.


Iterative Testing

I believe in testing, learning and iterative design throughout the entire production experience; from strategy, research, design, testing, prototyping, development, launch and beyond. With each step, I continually analyze the motivations of human behavior, distilling complex content into streamlined web and mobile experiences that meet the exact needs of the user.


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I love living in the Bay Area and most of my days are spent frolicking in the woods, scrambling over boulders or simply enjoying the outdoors. My evenings are spent reading about UX while hanging out with my dwarf dutch bunny, el Señor Leopoldo. He was rescued from a dumpster after Easter and he is a fearless study buddy.

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