Howdy! I create fresh & intuitive websites. I love
color, cacti & bunnies. Let’s get to know one another <3.



HealthAware // healthcare billing tool

HealthAware aids in the process of tracking and reviewing medical bills to ensure that users are being charged fair rates for the services rendered.

what I do

Pixel-Perfect Visual Design

I have over ten years of design experience and I love working on new web projects. My experience ranges from ad hoc emails to e-commerce sites and I recognize the beauty in a well designed web experience.


Front-End Web Development

I am a creative problem-solver who loves to build experiences on the web. My willingness to experiment with new technology allows me to create projects with advanced user interactions and better user engagement.


I am a creative, motivated web designer and front-end web developer living in the Bay Area. I blend visual design, UI/UX and cross-browser code for desktops, tablets and mobile devices to create beautiful, clean websites. I am active in continually learning new technologies and I am focused on incorporating them into established trends for the most refreshing experience on the web. My attention to detail and the love for what I do contribute to a flawless final product. In my free time, I am drinking coffee or hanging out with my bunny, el Señor Leopoldo.

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