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Certent approached the team with the need for recommendations regarding navigation, analytics, and technical features. Our UX and visual design work focused on optimizing navigational pathways, offering segmented content for new audience verticals and updating the look and feel for iterative changes throughout the site.

Original Homepage

Certent original homepage design

Redesigned Homepage

Certent redesigned homepage design

Project Goals

  • Implement a friendly and approachable voice and tone, while maintaining a corporate professional feel.
  • Reimagine messaging and consider layout opportunities to communicate more than just functional benefits. Combine customer success with vision for the redesign.
  • Include more calls to action throughout the site. Consider a balance of soft vs. hard conversion metrics.
  • Ensure that the right information is available to each user at the right time. Consider options for personalization and audience segmentation.


The primary navigation was not immediately visible to users, while the secondary navigation was hidden in such a way that users were not finding and using crucial links. Duplicate links contributed to confusion in finding the correct information.

We removed the hamburger menu on desktop in order to expose all navigation options on the initial page view. Not only did this increase findability, but it also allowed us to set active states for each section of the site. After reviewing audience members, we created six user verticals, where we offered alternate pathways to those individuals comprised of solutions, products and resources

Main Navigation on Mobile

Certent main navigation for mobile

Second-Level Navigation on Mobile

Certent second-level navigation for mobile

Visual Design

The Certent team came up with colors for us to use in the redesign. This included an updated primary and secondary color palette, which we applied to the revised navigation as an additional means for wayfinding.

Goals for the visual redesign focused around a modern web experience using dynamic gradients, assymetrical layouts, custom illustrations, depth and movement.

Pattern Library (Atoms)

Certent style guide layouts for grid, color, graphics and buttons and links

Customer Success Page

Certent customer success page design