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Samsung Redesign


This case study was part of a group project with five other individuals in order to redesign Samsung’s current website with a focus on their 3D TVs. Redesigns included content for homepage, product category and product pages in both desktop and mobile.

Samsung mobile

The Challenge

Samsung's current website for 3D LCD TVs gives consumers a basic overview of the new 3D technology — how it works, what it's all about, and how this new technology will revolutionize the way they experience entertainment.

The proposed redesign aims to harness the best elements of the site's current features, while highlighting the advancements that Samsung has made within the 3D TV industry. The new site will enable customers to more easily select the best Samsung 3D TV for their needs by way of providing an improved UI/UX and a deeper understanding of the magic this technology has to offer and how to bring the 3D experience into their homes.

Short Term Goals

  • Create a novel, technologically-advanced web experience connected to owning a 3D TV
  • Create hype for new releases under the Samsung 3D TV brand (implementing either product limits or exclusive access to select users in order to motivate purchasing)
  • Increase site visitors by 20% within the first year via streamlined UI/UX and easier access to content

Long Term Goals

  • Establish Samsung as a market leader in 3D technology (in line with existing presence as an industry and world leader in LCD production)
  • Sustain site relevance with updated content and mobile-ready features
  • Easier purchasing on mobile via improved UI/UX, simpler purchasing flows, and concise descriptions of the products

information architecture

information architecture

visual design

headlines and calls to action


annotated wireframe annotated wireframe annotated wireframe

product page

product page desktop



product category page

product category page